April 28, 2009


Is the emergence of these mediocre aspiring artists, producers and songwriters due to the fact that the bar is set too low? Doctors and lawyers make a good living for themselves. But I never wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor because I didn't want to study hard to take the Bar Exam or the LSAT. Instead I chose to pursue a career in what I'm most passionate about, MUSIC.

I work for Jermaine Dupris' publishing company and my job is to find hot new producers and writers to sign. In addition, I have to orchestrate studio sessions between writers and producers so that they can come up with great records for me to shop to major record labels. Lately, I've been noticing that a lot of these writers are using the same melodies and subject matter. The producers are using the same progressions, 808s, and sorry ass drumrolls. The majority of rappers rap about "Getting Money, Grinding, Swag, and Haters." So I've come to the point where average is unacceptable There is no gray area when I judge records now. It's either a great record or it's terrible.

So has the bar been set too low?

Yes and No.

Remember, we are in the business of selling music. The only artists that are selling records are artists that are putting out quality music. Kanye West, T.I. and Lil' Wayne are consistently selling on the rap side and Beyonce, Rihanna, and Alicia Keys are consistently selling on the R&B side. Most of the NEW artists that get heavy radio spins, with the exception of Soulja Boy's first album going platinum, are not selling. Ace Hood, Hurricane Chris, V.I.C, Shop Boys and Young Berg all flopped.

Men lie. Women lie. But numbers don't.

So hopefully the aspiring artists, writers, and producers will see that it's not about a quick buck and trying to ride the new trend, but it's about consistently delivering GOOD QUALITY MUSIC.

So are artists shooting to be a little better than Gucci Mane rather than Kanye??? Or a little better than Cassie instead of Beyonce because the bar has been set too high?


  1. The problem as I see it is that alot of artists lack a "wackometer" (that's my word feel free to use it) because they are feeling themselves so hard. When I write a trash rhyme I know it's trash and it goes in the trash but when a major artist writes some wack shit it's on the radio. THe only way to raise the bar is to inspire competition in the game by having artists go at each other for being garbage at what they do RAP. Instead certain individuals swag or looks if it's a female gets paid more attention to then their ability to make music.

  2. It's about time someone within the walls of the industry is ADDRESSING the problem than acting like it's not one. People like myself, on the outside, are shaking out heads at the industry ppl right now. I commend you for going to different showcases looking for talent but it should be a MOVEMENT, not a 1-man band on the mission. So much QUALITY talent out here and ppl like Gucci are advertising drugs over the radio waves. Not even hating but I am a TRUE music head and this new shit...ain't real music. It's a conspiracy and hopefully people take heed to your words my dude.


  3. Folks care more about getting ringtone money, than actually putting together a solid project that will be talked for years..(ex, Nas' Illmatic, Jay's Reasonable Doubt, Mary's My Life). Then you have labels that are pushing more for radio spins than actual quality product. They care more about making their money back ~ so the label doesn't care if you put out a cd that only has 1 or 2 hot songs on it (Young Berg, Ace Hood), just as long as that single sells! Add on the fact that a lot of these rappers/singers have "yes" men around them telling them that they're the shit and you have all kinds of problems.

    I wish music could go back to what it was, but unfortunately..the people that are making that kind of music arent even signed..*sigh*

  4. I like that you said "we are in the business of selling music". Artists know their jobs. Make hot records and do everything you can to get your records where they need to be. DONE. I commented on the first half as well and I think these posts have been really introspective. The dilemma is behind the scenes. "We are in the business of selling music" is a fair statement but WHAT MUSIC? The bar is OBVIOUSLY set too low. This post would be irrelevant if it wasn't. Their isn't a simple solution. The fact is A LOT of people make A LOT of money from the trash music that's out. The whole model for the industry is changing fast. A whole new generation of executives is on the way in and we'll see what they bring but for now.. DO YOUR JOB. Artists-create; A&R-Choose wisely; Radio-Play hot records; Execs-Dont get in the way (lol).. But seriously, DO YOUR JOB and do it well.

  5. Alot of up and coming artist are confused...They want to be poppin in the hood so they want to make that one catchy song that gets played alot instead of having a song that really means something and is true to them...Like for instance Kanye stays true to himself...but in my hood Gucci Mane is Michael Jackson and Kanye is Tito...Kanye is a better artist of course but its just the perception of what he talks about doesnt relate to the hood...so certain artist are marketed to target certain audiences...its jus now everybody wants to target the same audience and talk about the same thing DOPE,HOES,and MONEY

  6. Well if the bar is set too low, who set it, the fans or the labels? Gotta be the fans,correct? It goes by the generations that's buying and downloading music. I was telling my girl just the other day that all you need these days is song with a catchy hook or dance and you in. Something that has not one ounce creative juice added and you in. Maybe it's because we are all dumbed down so much that anything song with lyrics that make you think or sound complex gives us a headache. If it's simple and relates to growing up in the hood where all the trap houses are and the bustdowns, we good with it. Like the cat Chris said. Gucci Mane is Micheal Jackson and Kanye is Tito! The older crowd,like 30 and up might appreciate Kanye and frown on Gucci, that is if they aint still living like a teen, but those aren't really the ones buying records anymore. We trying to feed our kids,which by the way ask us for the money so they can support the Gucci Manes, and take care of home with our money now. By me being a manager of some guys that feel like they have to make the same music they hear in the streets keeps me torn because in way they are right. If they don't then it might not get heard and respected. But anyway right now I'm looking for next best thing and to me it might be a skateboard artist with swagg, peace!